Why not spend an exciting night in the Morbihan?

Hébergement Insolite

Choose Camping le Fort Espagnol for holidays with a difference

This year, we are going for an original holiday experience! Are you looking to try something new? Then, why not try one of our unusual accommodation options? For successful and surprise-filled holidays, discover the joys of sleeping in a traditional Gypsy caravan. A Bohemian atmosphere awaits, complete with flamenco dancing and castanets! Or perhaps you’re looking for something a little more exotic? How about an African safari? With the Sahari Lodge, you will be transported to the sunny lands of Africa! Yes, it’s possible to spend an unconventional, exotic night in the Morbihan! For a true family getaway, with our novel accommodation, you can enjoy your holidays in an extraordinary and charming setting. From now on, there’s no excuse not to choose Camping Fort Espagnol for unique holidays in the Morbihan!

Unusual holiday accommodation is now increasingly sought after.

Every year, more and more families are choosing different accommodation options for their holiday. Favoured by holiday-makers wanting to try something new and shake-up their daily routine, these accommodation options guarantee unique and magical nights! As a result, more and more holiday-makers are turning to caravans, cabins, tepees, bubbles, chalets etc., curious to try something a little bit different. At Camping Fort Espagnol, we understand this, and as a result, we now offer 2 types of unconventional accommodation. Treat yourself to a unique Gypsy Caravan, or even the unusual and family-style atmosphere of the Sahari Lodge. And yes, you will spend the most exceptional and enchanting nights in Brittany, more specifically in the Gulf of Morbihan!